Deconstructing CRPS For the patient

Without a cure for CRPS, patients must fully embrace integrative whole body, mind and spirit medicine to curb spread of the disease. Because of the nature of the diseased system, Patients must "think outside the box" of traditional medicine to embrace health during states of disease.

CRPS is a disease of the body's sympathetic System. You can think of this system as the system which connects your mind to your body. It is the archetypal fight of freight system which is primordial in essence. The Sympathetic System is the automatic system which connects your brain and spinal cord and all the peripheral nerves to your heart, your blood vessels in your main organic systems in your body, your sweat glands, your digestive system, your hair follicles and your nail beds. Thissystem was architected to provide the human being "super human strength" to fight a tiger, chase a bear down and kill a mammoth.

This system is essentially composed of nerve tissue which instructs muscle fibers to close blood flow to some areas of the body while increasing it to others in the body. When activated it will launch your heart into overdrive, cause you to sweat profusely as a new set of hormones is released into your blood.

Adrenaline and corisol stream through your system to help give you that super human strength. For the CRPS patient, this "Sympathetic Stress Response" engages "out of the blue", triggered sometimes by what seems a simple thought, a spicy drink, a loud noise.  Scientists need to find out exactly what causes the firing of the response because it is not well understood.  Patients must therefore drive this data-gathering initiative on their own to make their own guidebook for their bodies. I am developing an App to help patients do this.

In order to engage directly with your own sympathetic system, the CRPS Patient must educate themselves on the system and see their body's essentially as a doctor would. It MUST start with taking a class of some kind in the Sympathetic System. I will provide several links to help you understand what the Sympathetic System is for this is the diseased System in your body.







Heayher Wolf