Our Impact

We are changing how CRPS patients are treated when they enter ER facilities. We are helping people suffering with CRPS get a valid diagnosis. We are empowering the CRPS patient with choices by advocating for them in Washington to get FDA approved treatment protocols. 

We are bringing together patients and physicians who have been treating CRPS patients to develop best practices rooted in actual case study.

We aim to help increase early diagnosis rates when the disease can be fully treated during stage 1 of the illness. We are unafraid to tackle tough questions: How do we incentivize surgeons to help diagnose CRPS during Stage 1 after nerve injury?

We are benchmarking success with the help of patient perspective who are governing guidelines of success. Most science is paid for by pharmaceutical and insurance company dollars. We are changing this model to bring funding direct from patient to physician.



All initiatives implemented by CURE CRPS Foundation, Inc. are tracked over time and reviewed by both patients and physician advisory committees.