Our Partners


CRPS PatientS

Patient perspective  drives the research at Cure CRPS Foundation. We connect directly with CRPS patients from around the world to produce best practices from a patient perspective. This allows research to be guided and benchmarked by actual treatment success as viewed by the patient.

Unfortunately Most scientific research today is governed, funded and directed by pharmaceutical companies who profit from managing longterm incurable disease or by insurance companies who seek the cheapest treatments which may mean sacrificing quality.   We are connected directly with patient populations to allow patient goals guide success.  Focus groups, patient software, polling and direct interaction with patient populations will direct the deliverables at the foundation.

All research projects will be peer-reviewed by physician advisors and patient populations to gauge success of various directives. Patients perspective is often missing from treatment regiments as massive industrial powers create the care protocols based on profits and expenses. To reduce side effects and promote ability and wellness, patient perspective remains paramount to gauging success.

Medical Labs

We are reaching out to labs around the world who have been working on developing assays to test for genetic markers which may be unique to CRPS patients


Interdisciplinary Medical Centers

We are going to work to leverage advancements in integrative medicine with CRPS patients to host clinical trials and leverage case study and analysis to see how nutrition, exercize and mind body awareness techniques and cognitive therapies may benefit CRPS patients.


Patient Advocacy groups

Cure CRPS foundation will be partnering with select patient advocacy groups to help raise awareness of CRPS and advocate for better care and treatment of CRPS patients within the patient advocacy network. By leveraging the work and position of other patient advocacy groups we can help one another reach objectives in care and equal rights.


Health Care PRoviders

We are reaching out to physicians around the world who have worked directly with CRPS patients long-term to help them publish anecdotal studies and longitudinal study of their unique patient populations. Our work integrating this knowledgebase is key to patient-centered perspective.

Medical Schools

We will be providing medical schools peer-reviewed curricula to help begin training on the pathophysiology of pain early  in the career of the medical school student. We will make recommendations on study of  the autonomic system and pain systems drawing from multiple fields to enhance knowledgebase of neurologic illness. Currently there are no required studies on the pathophysiology of pain which is why most patients with pain are discriminated against in medical settings. We aim to change that.


Hospital organizations

We will be hosting seminars with hospital management to educate medical care professionals on best practices, diagnosis and care protocols for CRPS patients. This effort will result in immediate and swift change to the current low standard of care of pain patients.


Medical Associations & Boards

We will be providing curricula for CRPS diagnosis and treatment to help advance the knowledgebase of CRPS within the various specialty associations. Once board-certified pain practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, physiatrists, osteopaths, neurologists, surgeons, internists, primary care physicians, family doctors and nurse practitioners receive education and training on the diagnosis of CRPS, there will be a swift reduction in cases of medical misconduct and malpractice of CRPS patients.  We aim to end discrimination of the CRPS patient due to lack of education by the board certified healthcare professional.