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We selectively fund research projects which are voted on by patient advisory  and physician advisors taskforces. Research projects aim to find any underlying genetic factors which may drive CRPS as well as other factors necessary to form CRPS after autonomic nerve injury.

Patients and physicians together will set benchmarks for success. No insurance industry or pharmaceutical company funds will be accepted. All research is driven by patient and physician.


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We provide curricula for middle school, high school  and advanced level education and learning on CRPS to pre-med students, medical schools and post graduate studies in specialized medicine.

We are comprehensively driving development in education from the ground up to change how neurological disease is seen.

By building sound educational curricula grounded in the scope of scientific knowledge, we aim to end discrimination against disease which science has not yet solved. These educational protocols should bring an end to forced misdiagnosis of unknown neurological illness as somatoform, where patients are discriminated against as being psychologically unsound.



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Public Awareness Campaigns

Because CRPS signs and symptoms wax and wane and because pain can not be objectively seen by health care providers, CRPS patients are often discriminated against in office settings or denied medical care in care facilities.

Cure CRPS Foundation is launching several campaigns to raise awareness of CRPS both withing the medical field and to the public. CRPS is one of many "invisible neurological diseases". The symptoms of CRPS can be totally disabling despite sometimes lacking in physical outward signs and therefore many patients are routinely denied health services or benefits due to disabled.

We are sponsoring awareness campains to educate the public.  People suffering invisible disabilities deserve respect and compassion. People dealing with CRPS are climbing invisible mountains.

CURE CRPS Foundation, Inc. sponsored the #climbinginvisiblemountains campagn.



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Diagnostic Tools

We are sponsoring development and research into developing tools and tests to help diagnose CRPS and track patient health over time.

Before MRI, MS was seen as somatoform because lesions on the brain could not be visualized. Diagnostic medicine changed that. We hope to shine a light on the pathophysiology of CRPS to help stop misdiagnosis of CRPS as somatofrom by uneducated professionals.

Tools which track patient physiology over time are critical to application of the Budapest Protocol. Without these tools, the Protocol must be updated to reflect inadequecies of the 10 Minute Neurologic clinical exam where autonomic dysfunction cannotn be seen. Temporal analysis of patient physiology is critical to capturing actual disease state and progression.


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Data Gathering INitiatives

We are building tools to analyze data streams incorporating advances in medicine across the world, along many disciplines through time. CRPS is known by 72 unique names around the world and by specialty. Our aim is to comb through the literature and conduct both literature reviews as well as questionnaires of clinicians working with CRPS patients around the world. By developing IT solutions which allow physicians to leverage each others work and build on advances within the silos of science we have a better chance at finding a cure for CRPS and helping to diagnose it sooner.


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